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This is the virus information section of this site. We recommend using the excellent Bitdefender or comprehensive Sophos suite of products which come with 24-hour unlimited telephone support, direct from the source.

Download the latest Sophos Anti-Virus Indenties for the CD version, or the web-based version. The full range of downloadable files from Sophos can be found at Please note that you will require a username and password to download any of these files - otherwise go to: Get User Name

For information on virus hoaxes see:
If you would like to receive email notification direct from Sophos regarding new and updated virus outbreaks as they happen, please register at:

If you want a simple test of your current anti-virus protection, try downloading our sample Eicar Test Virus which is not a real virus, but should be blocked by any respectable anti-virus security products. And, click here [895 Kb] if you would like to see the possible results of a virus infection, but don't say we didn't warn you!

If you want to learn some more about viruses and how to be protected against them, why not read through the Basic Virus Course from Panda Software [Flash: 1.45mb]

If you are concerned about Spyware, AdWare or Bowser Hijackers, please check our Utilities page for handy detection products. See also the Spyware sites on our Useful Sites page.

On the other hand, if you're plagued by ever-increasing quantities of spam, you might want to read our Why-Spam? page suggesting ten reasons why you may be receiving spam, together with a list of Anti-Spam resources!