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We are pleased to announce the availability of our Remote/Off-site File Backup Service* supporting Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery plans and assuring your peace of mind.

For less than £1.00 per day our secure off-site storage facility for your critical data files assures peace of mind should your systems break down, get stolen or become damaged through flood or fire, for example.

Use of this service can also save on your overall costs by helping to reduce your Office Insurance premiums too (dependent on insurers terms and conditions).

Just one telephone call or emailed request will result in the swift replacement of the missing data - by email, DVD, flash-drive or USB hard-drive, delivered by next-day courier service (additional media and delivery costs may apply).

Please note this does not constitute nor propose to be an alternative or replacement for your regular on-site backup strategy; rather, it's additional insurance against the loss of critical data or information.

Please telephone us on: 01702-324304, or email: [email protected] for further details or to arrange a free trial.

*Remote Backup Services are available for Contract-Support subscription clients only.