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A big thank-you to all our clients, supporters and friends! Forty years ago Lynmar was formed to support the growing use of technology and microcomputers, both in the workplace and at home. It was a great year with many 'firsts': the Internet began with the migration of ARPANET to TCP/IP; compact discs (CD's) went on sale; wheel clamps were used in London; BlackAdder commenced; James Dyson produced a prototype vacuum cleaner; Multi-Tool Word (soon to be Microsoft Word) released; successful full heart and lung transplant at Harefield hospital; more...
Welcome to the Lynmar Solutions web site. We aim to provide a complete service to solve all your computing requirements with rapid, efficient and cost effective results. Established since 1983, Lynmar Solutions has been successfully providing both individuals and businesses alike (in the local Essex area and further afield) with professional and high-quality consultancy, training and technical support services.

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Of particular interest to the residents of Eastwood, the latest edition(s) of the Rayleigh Roader can now be found online; just visit http://PeckyPublishing.com to view
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You don't have to struggle with technology frustrations; most issues can actually be solved quickly and easily, remotely, often without the need for a visit. Do you have any computer or technology problems? for example:

  • Internet speed?
  • Accessing shared data?
  • Slow laptops and computers?
  • Worries about whether your data is secure or not?
  • Remote collaboration and communication with your team?

  • You don't need to suffer any longer; get in touch today, call: 01702-324304

    Having problems installing or using the latest release of Windows or Microsoft applications like Word, Excel, Access? Concerned about older software versions? Microsoft Windows XP and Office 2003 support ceased April 2014; SBS-2003 support ceased 2015! Windows-7 support ends early 2020. Never fear; Lynmar Solutions continues to provide high quality support and maintenance services for outdated operating systems and applications including Novell NetWare, Windows 2000/NT, DOS, Office'97, WordPerfect, Windows'98, Lotus 1-2-3 and so forth.

    Coronavirus(COVID-19) Update, April-2020 ×

    Since 24th March, the UK government has placed the country under restrictions in a bid to contain the coronavirus. However, we remain fully operational, providing telephone, remote and on-site assistance and support services. So whether you may have any remote working requirements, need your computer repaired or upgraded for better performance, or would just like some general computer or IT advice, please telephone us on 01702-324304 to discuss your needs.

    Windows 7 End of Life? Worried your computer is going to stop working soon? Want to upgrade to Windows 10? Considering alternatives to Windows? Windows 7 reached End Of Life mid January 2020, but you do have several options ahead!

    It seems the Southend area is still being plagued by automated telephone calls saying they are from Ofcom and about to cease your broadband connection. I've no idea how this scam progresses but I would bet they're after your credit card or bank details. Needless to say, this is a scam and to be disregarded. Unfortunately there is not a lot that can be done to prevent this type of unsolicited call, as they're spoofing non-existent local telephone numbers, adding an air of legitimacy! Recommended reading: Advice for consumers: scam calls pretending to be from Ofcom (Ofcom neither provide nor manage any broadband supply)... Want to foil scammers who say your internet is about to be cut off? (This is Money's explanation of the scam)... Fake phone call from BT - broadband will be cut off today? (long list of complaints to BT regarding this ongoing scam)...

    Fed up with Windows-10 auto-rebooting after updates and losing any work-in-progress?! Microsoft has tried to remove any option to delay rebooting however, this simple registry fix prevents any further post-update reboots without confirmation! Alternatively, at the Command Prompt(Admin) enter/type the following, on one line:

    reg add "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Image File Execution Options\MusNotification.exe" /v "Debugger" /t reg_Sz /d "cmd.exe" /f

    Received an email detailing one of your valid passwords, suggesting you have been watching porn and demanding Bitcoin payments?! You're not alone, but in most instances you have not been directly hacked nor compromised. Rather, someone has acquired a list of usernames and passwords from one of the big name sites such as FB, TKMax, etc. Firstly, consider this as a wake-up call: change your passwords immediately and regularly. Secondly, I'd seriously reconsider using web sites that pay such little heed to your data security and confidentiality. If you are concerned your credentials may have been leaked, try the Have I Been Pwned web site, where you can lookup email addresses and check password security.

    As of 24-Oct-2017; "Bad Rabbit" malware is spreading through users running a fake Adobe Flash Player installer posted on hacked websites. Once it has infected its first machine within a network, it then spreads to other connected systems. Next it encrypts all files and displays a ransom instructing the victim to pay 0.05 Bitcoin (about 235/$280/213) to decrypt the files. In order to minimise the risk of becoming a victim, do not follow ANY Adobe Installer or Update prompts and be extra wary of any unsolicited email messages, especially if they contain any links or attachments.

    we are noticing increasing problems with AVG-Free, such as random popups, send or receive issues with email and other seemingly unconnected events. If you have experienced similar, try disabling AVG (right-click tray icon). If this works we recommend uninstalling AVG through Control-Panel/Programs then use the AVG Removal Tool to fully clean up, before installing an alternative anti-virus product (checkout our Tools & Utilities page for further options (highly recommended is Sophos Home). Contact us on 01702-324304 if you need guidance or have any queries.

    After more than 10 years using and recommending LogMein products we have been compelled to terminate the contract and will no longer use LogMeIn, due to their extortionate and questionable (borderline illegal) renewal fees and practices. Our clients are advised to uninstall LogMeIn with immediate effect - please contact us if you require any assistance with this matter.
    With apologies for any inconvenience.

    Windows 10 failing to install with a message stating "Unfortunately, this PC is unable to run Windows 10"? Simply download and run the Microsoft Media Creation Tool to either install Windows 10 now, or create a flash drive setup for later installation.

    Why not use our PayPal service if you would like to make a one-off or regular monthly payment!

    Aggravated by Windows Update's arrogant and negligent forced reboot of your system, even when ignored or postponed? Run and install our safe and simple solution which should prevent any further automatic rebooting from occuring again!

    Having problems with your internet broadband service? Several decades of experience installing and maintaining networks and dealing with less-than-helpful Internet Service Providers means we can swifly and effectively resolve any connectivity problems you may have. Please ring us on 01702-324304 or email our broadband team with your details and we'll help you right away.

    Twice a year UK clocks change between Greenwich Mean Time and British Summer Time and your telephone system/PBX clock may also need to be changed on these dates; click here for instructions on how to update the time on a wide range of telephone systems.

    December 2014: It seems that despite recent publicity the Telephone Support Scam is still happening (and on the increase in the Essex area)! Basically someone purporting to be from Microsoft or some other support company rings out of the blue offering to repair your computer, then proceeds to attempt to extort money and/or corrupt your system. Just tell 'em you've got an Apple and hang up! Recommended reading:

    Note/Aug-2010: Due to regulatory changes to 0845 and 0870 numbers last year and recent technical issues with our phone line routing, please note the following telephone numbers for all future contact:

          For Support, Sales and Accounts, telephone: 01702-324304
          To send an old-style facsimile message use: 0844-804-9488

    The European WEEE Directive is now in full force ( Electronics Weekly 29.June ). Did you know we can assist with all your technology recycling and disposal requirements? Read more in our Disposal Services section.

    Further to recent warnings about fake invoices for .co.uk domains, at last some positive results with Nominet achieving convictions against two Australian perpetrators! [more from ZDNet]

    We can be contacted by phone, fax or email, with a 24hr emergency support service available, and can also be "paged" using the eSupport form.

    This site is continually adapting, and any suggestions or requests for topics or items for inclusion should be emailed to the . We are also interested in any newsworthy items for inclusion in our newsletter - any subject is okay, although a computer oriented slant would add a nice twist.

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