LynmarSolutions :: Documents, Notes and Tips

This section is planned to become a growing archive of useful documents detailing shortcuts, fixes and workarounds, step-by-step articles on subjects you've requested, and more.

If you have found any useful tricks, or have any issues you would like us to consider for publication, please email the with your ideas or requests.

  • Practicing E-mail Safety - Protect Yourself Against Common E-mail Attacks [PDF: 47kb]

  • Why-Spam? ten reasons explaining why you may be receiving spam, together with a list of Anti-Spam resources!

  • Basic Virus Course - Panda AntiVirus training course/guide [Flash: 1.45mb]
    All you want to know about viruses and how to be protected against them; (see also: Panda Website)

  • Eicar Test Virus - try to download this to test your current anti-virus protection (Eicar is not a real virus, but should be blocked by any respectable anti-virus security products).

  • Virus infection/payload [895 Kb] - if you would like to see an actual virus infection, but don't say we didn't warn you! (Actually this is a game, but it gives an idea of the painful, true reality).

  • Word Tips - fifty tips for working efficiently with Microsoft's Word [PDF: 81kB]

  • Annual Calendar - in an HTML web-page [5kB]
    A full 12-month calendar for the current year formatted to fit the see-through mouse mats

  • Windows Symbols - as an HTML web-page [3kb]
    This is a printable insert suitable for the see-through mouse mats, listing the keyboard shortcuts for those often-needed but hard-to-find symbols.

  • Windows Symbols - Acrobat PDF [48kb]
    Same table of symbols as above, but in Acrobat format.

  • Word Shortcut keys - Acrobat PDF [64kb]

  • Email Policies - Acrobat PDF [30kb]

  • Email Ethics - Acrobat PDF [45kb]

  • Email Disclaimers - Acrobat PDF [46kb]

  • Windows Terminal Services Client Setup - (zip) [638kb]
    Microsoft Windows 32-Bit Terminal Services Client setup/installer for Windows'95/98/Me/2000/XP. Simply unzip then run the 'tsclient\disk1\setup.exe' program to install

  • Remote Helpdesk - [169 kb]
    UltraVNC single-click remote control and support software for simple and secure remote support connections (NO installation or de-installation is required!)

(Please note that all files and documents have been checked for viruses. However, no warranty is made, or implied, as to accuracy, reliability, or suitability, etc. and no liability whatsoever can arise for any damage caused through their use or misuse.)