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WEEE and Your Obligations

W.E.E.E. stands for the EU directive on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment. This directive was approved by 'The European Union' at Brussels on the 8th November 2002. The directive states that businesses are no longer allowed to simply dispose of their equipment in skips or landfills, as has been possible until now.

The Directive aims to reduce the waste arising from electrical and electronic equipment and to improve the environmental performance of all those involved in the life cycle of electrical and electronic equipment.

What Happens after Collection?

The consignment is the booked into our warehouse where a technician will evaluate it. If it is beyond economical repair, it will be crushed for base components, i.e. plastic and metal, and disposed of environmentally manner.

Environmentally friendly

Any equipment or components which are excessively damaged will be crushed and disposed of in an environmentally safe manner. Together with manufacturers we are working towards improved environmental knowledge and endeavouring to raise awareness within the industry.

Data Removal and Destruction

Your liability regarding data

Under the data protection act, if disposal of your equipment is not properly controlled unlimited fines can be imposed on the owner of the equipment.

Data Destruction Process

Deleting or reformatting hard disk drives does not completely remove data!

We will destroy any and all residual data on your redundant assets to government standards, ensuring full compliance with the Data Protection Act. This process involves multiple overwriting - writing a specific pattern of controlled data onto the media many times, thus eradicating the original data traces forever. Your original data can never be retrieved under any circumstance.

Non-working hard disk drives along with hard disk drives that cannot be successfully overwritten are physically destroyed before being recycled. A certificate of compliance is available, if required. More information available upon request.

  • Low cost collection service, at your convenience
  • The easy way to dispose of redundant assets
  • All data is destroyed to military standards
  • Rapid/same-day collection service available
  • Tax efficient �write-off� of your equipment
  • Servicing schools, libraries, businesses, end users and charitable organisations
  • Environmentally friendly disposal operation
  • Security and Confidentiality are assured
  • Decommissioning service available too

For further information on the W.E.E.E. Directive and other environmental issues, check out the Environment Agency website.

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